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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Navigon GPS Systems Are A Good Deal

I still haven’t broken down and purchased a GPS. I have researched and studied them a great deal. I like the ones that say the street name. Instead of saying turn left in 200 yards, they say turn left on Jersey Drive in 200 yards. I feel more comfortable having the street confirmed. I also like the feature that tells you what lane to be in when making turns or taking exits. Think about the number of times you have been in a strange place and discover the 18 wheeler beside you blocked the sign that said exit on the left and now you have 5 lanes to cross to get you your exit and suddenly it is too late and you are in New Jersey and you really didn’t want to got to New Jersey and there is a toll to get back to Pennsylvania and why is it free to leave PA and go to Jersey but if you want to get back to PA from Jersey they charge you? (Yes it is run on but it most aptly describes the feeling of a moment)

Traffic alerts are a cool feature too. I dread driving around Washington, D.C. Seems like whatever route I take there is some type of tie up. How cool would it be to have your GPS say, tie up 10 miles ahead take the next left and you will save 4 hours of you valuable time. Whoo!, would that be nice.

Navigon is the only GPS I have seen that give you lifetime traffic alerts on affordable units. My idea of affordable is under $200.00. The GPS folks in general all charge you for map updates. Garmin seems to have the best deal with a lifetime map update purchase for less than $100.00. It appears that Navigon has abandon the GPS hardware and is now focusing on their GPS iPhone ap. This may be why their prices are so reasonable compared to the other vendors. This means it may be a good time to buy a Navigon unit, if you are worried about the viability of the purchase, buy an extended warranty from someone like Warrentech. You can get all of the features I mentioned for under $100.00 on a refurb Navigon. Maybe I will finally stop researching and buy one.

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