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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 Drives Users To FireFox

First of all what were the wizards at MS thinking when they brought out ie8. Ok, I am not about to go into all of the issues that are making me wish I had never moved from IE7 to IE8, there are plenty of other blogs writing about that. I am just going to express surprise that once more Microsoft has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. MS has a captive market, a huge number of users and they continue to do their best to drive them away. One hand is bringing out new stuff like Bing while the other is driving away droves of existing clients by pushing out buggy revisions. I will hazard an unscientific guess that I have seen at least twice as many “not responding” messages with ie8 and I saw with ie7. The cute feature of “your session has expired unexpectedly would you like to reopen” will continue to reopen to whatever problem shut it down in the first place. Plus it is slow, very slow to use. Don’t get me started on the “this script yada yada” messages that pop up so frequently. Firefox may not be the end all be all to everyone but it does seem to do fine with every single site that seems to play not so nicely with ie8. So what has your experience been with ie8, is it just me?

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