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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Verizon’s Bogus Claim for Best Network

I have a Samsung Flipshot phone and Verizon service. I got the Flipsot for the 3 megapixel camera which although it sounds pretty good, the photos are still pretty lame compared to my digital cameras. The theory was that I don’t always have my camera with me but I almost always have my phone with me. Anyway, I don’t take many photos with the phone due to the poor quality of photo. You can see the difference in quality from the 5 megapixel digital camera to the 3 megapixel phone. The phone aspect isn’t all that great either but I can’t blame the phone for the poor cellular network.

My big frustration is the Verizon service. Apparently I live in a dead zone to Verizon. I get no signal in my home and an occasional signal if I stand outside on one foot with my left hand pointed to the north star. Verizon, of course, tells me there is a really good signal just over the hill north of me and if I was closer to their other tower I would get a good signal. My buddy lives several miles closer to the other tower and he too can not get a good signal. In addition, this phone or the service, since I have never been able to determine which the problem is, periodically sends my calls directly to voice mail. I hear no ring or I hear one ring and before I can get the phone open, it has sent the call to voice mail. Verizon first claimed that it was my custom ring tone. When I used one of their mediocre default ringtones, surprise, nothing changed. I still, periodically, have my calls go directly to voice mail. Verizon’s always so polite technicians have said they have reset the number of rings to maximum, although this to has been to no avail. Everyone is always concerned, very polite and totally impotent to solve the problem.

Interestingly when I go to the Verizon web site I am often asked to fill out a survey about how I like their vaunted service. You can imagine that I have been brutally frank regarding my dismay over their lack of signal, again to no avail.

I have wondered whether the Flipshot was the problem on the direct to voice mail issue. I haven’t found any complaints about that on line. As far as the signal strength is concerned, my wife has a Motorola phone with Verizon service and she gets no signal either.

I have pretty much given up talking to Verizon. They are always nice, friendly and totally useless in regards to solving the problem. I now will impatiently wait until my two year contract is up and move to another vendor. I will be diligently surveying my friends as to their signal strength when they are visiting and will choose what ever provider really does have a good network. Of course, this issue casts doubts on the Verizon claims for Fios as well. If they are blowing smoke about their great cellular network, how much smoke are they blowing about Fios?

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