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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nintendo Wii Zapper

First you need a Wii then you add the Zapper. I am a Wii fan and I don’t even own one. My boys have Wii and I have a ball playing games with my grandchildren on the Wii. Since my kids had the first cybercafé in the area, I got to experiment with a lot of the cool kid related stuff. So for all you old Atari gamers out there, the Wii is a whole different level. I can bowl or play tennis with my 4 year old grandchild and race cars with my 10 year old. The Zapper adds the ability to point and shoot. It comes with software that has some strange looking skeletal creatures that you can shoot as they crawl out of the sand or even stranger looking ones that conveniently put targets on their chest. The price is right, $20.00 in many places. It works very well, you put the remote in the Zapper and it becomes you ticket to all sorts of shooting games. Yes, you shoot things. When I was a kid I had all kinds of toy guns and I have yet to succumb to any kind of mindless shooting spree. I tried to limit my kids exposure to guns and they built guns out of their Legos. I am not encouraging anyone to shoot anything or to run out and buy a real gun, but I am stating that I don’t think your kid is going to turn into a monster if he plays shooting games, on the computer, around the neighborhood or on the Wii. You parents, it is your job to determine if they become obsessive and your job to deal with that. The vast majority of people playing with shooting games and the above Zapper will never be any kind of threat to society. This as a conclusion on a blog about a cool new toy is a measure of how weird our society has gotten.

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