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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Truly Cheap (Inexpensive) Ride, A Hyosung Motorcycle

Harley owners, leave the room, as well as Suzuki, Honda, BSA, Triumph, Yamaha etc ad nauseum 'cause you aren't going to want to hear this. I had a couple of bikes when I was much, much younger. They were very fuel efficient and I loved them. Admittedly after laying one down one time due to my incredibly stupid tail gating of a semi, I had reservations about their safety. I survived and I still have reservations about two wheeled safety. Mostly I worry about the village idiot in his suv or pickup who ignores the annoying motorcyclist that is on his road.

Regardless of safety, the economy is pushing people to two wheeled vehicles for basic transportation. The operating economy is obvious. In most cases purchasing a bike has become an incredibly expensive proposition. Harleys are probably averaging $18,000 plus. I don’t have any friends who have gotten one for less than $20k. You have to ride a long time and put on a lot of miles to justify that size expenditure for fuel economy. Of course most Harley owners and other big bikes are buying for fun not for economy.

Hyosung is the first company I am aware of that has made a real attack on the economical ride market. Yes, there are plenty of scooters out there and real men do ride them, but many of us still have masculinity issues with our rides. Scooters are economical but image wise they suffer. Hyosung has three true blue, motorcycles for under $4,000.00. They look like $15 or $20k bikes. They are, gasp, only 250cc engines. A real man needs at least a 1000cc motor to salve his ego. Balderdash! The 250cc does everything legal you need a two wheeler to do. I do not have one, but I have a family member who is a convert. He is also annoying the bejabbers out of some of his pals since he paid so little, gets such good mileage and has such a good looking bike. At my age, I won’t get back on one, not because I don’t feel I can handle it but cynically I am scared spit less by the sheer number of mindless nimrods I see behind the 4 wheel vehicles. However if you need a exceptional looking ride, have a modest budget and are willing to brave the roads on two wheels, you should definitely look at these babies. Check them out! Also right now they are offering one year of free gas to new buyers, of course with the mileage they get that won’t cost them much.

Specification & Capacities
Full length(inch) 89.3
Full width(inch) 31.5
Full height(inch) 42.9
Ground clearance(inch) 6.1
Wheel Base(inch) 59.1
Seat height(inch) 27.55
Dry Weight(lbs) 341.7
Engine Engine system 4 storke Air/Oil cooled
Number of Cylinders 2 (V-Twin)
Displacement(cc) 249
Cam shaft DOHC 8 VALVES
Carburetor MIKUNI BDS 26
Starter system Electric
Horse Power 25
Transmission Clutch Wet Multi-Plate Type
Gear Box 5 speed
Body Tire (Front) 110/90-16 59S
Tire (Rear) 150/80-15 66S
Suspension (Front) 35mm Telescopic Folks
Suspension (Rear) Dual Shocks
Brake (Front) Single Disk
Brake (Rear) Drum
Capacity Fuel tank(gal) 3.7
Warranty Year 2


Anonymous said...

I've often been tempted to try out biking (never got over Easy Rider, don't you know), but, like all impulses I have that involve movement of any kind, I lie down until it goes away. But, this new bike sounds intriguing, for sure. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

ibdragon said...

Mudge, My nephew is a convert, he absolutely loves his. I feel that the two bikes I had probably expended all the luck I will ever have on two wheels so as cool as this bike is, I think I prefer to keep 4 wheels on the blacktop. Thanks for the comment!

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