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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Naked Truth of the 70's

There is no naked here but it got your attention didn’t it. There seems to be a lot of nostalgia about the 70’s. If you lived through the 70’s and say you remember them, then you weren’t really there. Kinda like a Who concert, if you remember it, you probably saw it on TV. Somehow there were actually 22 million people at Woodstock, if you believe all of us old timers who claim we were there. I wasn’t, but I could have been. I had a ride and didn’t take it. Sleeping on the ground at that point in my life meant that I was too drunk to get home. Later as a Boy Scout leader and a picture of sobriety and responsibility, I again slept on the ground. Frankly the camaraderie of the Boy Scouts was a lot more genuine than many of my hippie friends in the 70’s. Even today we celebrate the hippie culture.

Drugs were rampant in those days but seemed far less destructive that what is currently on the street. Ironically enough you could buy marijuana on the street in Panama City in 1939 and still can today. An addictive personality was addicted then and is now. Our prisons are full of non-violent folks who would be better served by therapy leaving more room to accommodate the violent sociopaths. Drugs were a problem in the 70’s and they continue to be a problem today. Frankly we haven’t learned a whole lot in the ensuing 38 years. Watch for more nostalgia.

1 comment:

uncle dick said...

The 70's for me was a great and momentous time. Yeah...the hippie culture had also crept into our shores. Long hair, soft drugs, loose living and songs of freedom.
I love the songs of the times!

Dick Yip

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