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Friday, March 28, 2008


Validation is a strange thing. Sometimes it gets you free parking. Other times it means you discover that what your doing means something to someone else. One of my blogs was to question who reads what I write, why do they read it and what would they like to see. I got zip, zero, butkus responses, comments or notice. It makes you wonder if your counter is being bumped by google just to make you think someone is looking at your blog. I guess that controversial stuff gets more comments. Does that make my blog vanilla pudding?

My level of insecurity hasn’t risen to the heights where I will stop talking just because no one is listening. If you are alone in the forest talking to yourself, does a tree still fall on you? Homilies have never been my strong point.

Anyway, when you do get a comment, it is a treat even if it is to remind you that you aren’t the brightest bulb on the tree. It means that what you wrote, someone read.

Perhaps the folks I admire the most are authors. When I read a novel that makes me think, cry, ponder life or whatever, I am awed by the ability of the author to promote those feelings. When I diligently search for an authors work, usually on the web, I do so because they entertained me, they enlightened me or they made me reconsider something that I thought I concretely believed. For whatever reason, I often find that by the time I “discover” an author, the bulk of their work is out of print. So I get the thrill of the hunt as well as the satisfaction of a good book when I track their work down.

Perhaps that is why I blog, that rare occasion, when someone responds to

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