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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Smoke Detectors, Don’t Procrastinate!

Get off your duff and check your smoke detectors. If they are part of an overall alarm system, take the time to alert your alarm company and test them. Death overall kind of sucks but death by fire strikes me as too gruesome to even think about. So to avoid being a statistic check your smoke detectors. If you need new ones Consumer Search rates the First Alert Ultimate Series Battery-Powered Smoke Alarm #SA302CN at the best all-around smoke detector.

Excerpt from Consumer Search at www.consumersearch.com
“In reviews, experts consistently point to the First Alert Dual Sensor as the best smoke detector. It runs on a replaceable 9-volt battery and features a combination ionization and photoelectric sensor that is by far the most accurate and effective detection method available. The SA302CN has extra features that many detectors do not, such as remote-controlled alarm silence and test, Intelligent Sensing, which differentiates non-threatening conditions (i.e. kitchen smoke) from real emergencies, and an automatic daily self-check test. This model has a 10-year warranty. One downside is that some owners say you can accidentally trigger the test function with your TV's remote control, so it may take some trial and error to get the right placement.”

I don’t know that I need them but I am ordering two from http://www.amazon.com/ anyway. Amazon has them at $22.00 each and that puts me over the $25 minimum to get free shipping. Quite a deal for peace of mind.

Details from Amazon web site.
“Technical Details
Dual sensing ionization and photoelectric battery-operated smoke alarm
Intelligent sensing technology reduces nuisance alarms
Patented remote-controlled technology for hassle-free silencing and testing
Low battery warning with remote-controlled silence feature; tamper resistant
9-volt battery included; 10-year limited warranty

Product Description
Amazon.com Product Description
The First Alert Ultimate Series smoke alarms incorporate all of the patented features that make First Alert the leader in home safety products. The SA302C comes with both photoelectric and ionization sensors to detect flame or smoke in one powerful alarm. The rear mounted sensor is the most efficient design in the industry. With intelligent sensing technology, this alarm is designed to recognize the difference between non-threatening conditions and real emergencies. It is effective at detecting both slow, smoldering fires and fast, flaming fires. A loud 85-decibel alarm alerts you to smoke or fire.
The alarm's microprocessor technology automatically runs daily self-check tests on every smoke alarm function (does not test horn) to assure you that it's working properly. Silencing and testing functions can be run by most household remote controls such as the ones used for the television, stereo, and VHS or DVD players, eliminating the need to reach the ceiling. It features a low battery alert to remind you when to change the battery and has a missing battery guard to ensure that a battery is placed inside the alarm. The alarm automatically quiets the low battery alert without affecting the alarm's functionality. The side battery drawer slides open for easy battery replacement.

This unit comes with a 9-volt battery and a 10-year limited warranty. UL listed for safety. “

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