Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hot Wheels Track Builder Volcano Blast Trackset

I tested this set with a variety of die cast cars.  It works, as it should with Hot Wheels but it also works with Little Tike, Matchbox and Corgi Junior.   I only not this because I have had some minor issues in the past with Hot Wheel track being a smidge too narrow for other brands.   This set connects up with the old track but has a much better connection scheme.  The old track and new has grooves on the bottom and you inserted a connector in one end of a piece and the same connector in another piece to hold them together.  This new track has a hole in the end and the more rigid pieces have a knob that goes into the hole, this would keep the track from separating as easily as the old track separated.  Just wish they would have included some extra connectors to connect to the old style track.   This set works well and should be a welcome addition to your Hot Wheels collection. 

From the vendor:
·                        Load up to eight cars on top of volcano
·                        Hot Wheels Cars race down the top of the volcano, crash through the fiery lava and make their escape into four different adventures
·                        Kids control all the adventure with the push of a button
·                        Unique experience every time
·                        Super fast 1:64 Hot Wheels vehicle included

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