Thursday, October 8, 2015

Belkin Universal Mobile Keyboard Case, Wirelessly Pairs Two Smartphones and/or Tablets, Compatible with iOS and Android

This is a good idea and possibly for Apple people it is easy to implement.  Those of us in the wider non-Apple world may find it more problematic.   I got this to pair quite easily with my Galaxy Tab however it wouldn't work.  I paired it with my S4 easily and it worked just fine.  I tried rebooting the tablet to make it work to no avail.   I went to the Belkin website as there is zilch documentation with the keyboard.  The packaging shows you how to pair it and the documentation stops there.   The website appears to be Apple-centric.   Every reference I could find referred to pairing with Apple products.   I eventually got the keyboard to work with my tablet but frankly I am not sure how as I kept re-pairing and rebooting until it worked.   I am dinging this in spite of the functionality and the good idea of  a two channel pairing because the documentation is flat out dreadful.   If Belkin sees that the majority of the world is NOT Apple and provides some documentation on Android devices,  the product should be a winner.  

This is my third portable, bluetooth keyboard and the two channel means I may be able to take just one keyboard when I travel but...I still have reservations.   It is better than my smallest and not as good as my biggest bluetooth keyboard again but.. the two channel aspect could be a deciding factor on purchase.  Belkin, take note, better documentation for the "real" world, there are lots of folks who are not Apple-ish!

  • Bluetooth Smart wireless keyboard
  • Pairs with up to two devices
  • Kickstand holds up to two 10" devices
  • TruType keys for easy typing
  • Kickstand acts as protective cover with magnetic closure
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with: iPad mini 3 / 2 / 1, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 5/ 5s / 5c, Galaxy Tab 4 (7.0" and 8.0"), Galaxy Tab S 8.4", Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4" and Galaxy S6 / S5

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