Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Girl Who Loved Dragons

The Girl Who Loved Dragons Link to the Video Trailer for my book.
There are tons of action adventure elementary school age books out there.   I don't see enough of them emphasizing girls as the hero.   We need to make sure that 50% of our population grows up knowing they have an internal hero.   If we can encourage girls' imagination to see themselves as victors not victims we are insuring both their own and our own future as they raise strong children of both genders.

Charlotte showed her love of rocks in The Girl Who Loved Rocks and in The Girl Who Loved Dragons, Igneous (her favorite rock) the dragon is introduced as her sidekick and cohort for future adventure.  My goal is to meld fantasy and science fiction with humanistic adventures suitable for children in elementary school. 

Igneous is a rock or is it?
Dragons are fantasy or are they?
Aliens are science fiction or are they?
Charlotte answers these questions in
The Girl Who Loved Dragons.

ISBN-13: 978-1514634714 
ISBN-10: 1514634716
LCCN: 2015910333 


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