Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Holmes Group HAP3000UV-TU Tower Air Purifier, Mini

This is a five stage air purification system.  I did not expect to be impressed due to the quite reasonable price of $50 at Amazon.  This air filter starts with a coarse pre-filter, then has a HEPA type filter for particulates like pollen, then a carbon filter for odors and an ion filter and finally a UV bulb as a germicide.   I find that quite impressive for such a low cost filter.  

The fan settings are high and low.   The high is very quiet and the low is almost indiscernible.   Personally I sleep better with a little "white" noise so I like the high setting.  Of course that means it draws more air and theoretically will give you cleaner air based on volume alone.   I also like that there is a pictograph inside the filter compartment showing the correct order of the filters.   The instruction set does the same thing but in reality the instruction brochure will be tossed in a drawer and effectively disappear. 

The carbon filter is the only one that it is recommended for relatively frequent replacement at three to four month intervals.  A four pack of filters can be had for $10.00 so Holmes has kept the consumables reasonably priced.  The small size is also a nice feature. 5.9 x 7 x 13.2 inches. 

This appears to be an excellent value for the money.

From the vendor:
  • Permanent Filtration for hassle free operation
  • Incorporates UV technology for germ killing power
  • Carbon and PCO filter for odor elimination
  • Digital Control Panel, 3 speed settings, 8 hour timer
  • Slim design and integrated handle allow flexibility in placing the unit throughout the home; recommended for small rooms
If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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