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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Polaris P13GDGCNA Power P3000iE Portable Gas Powered Digital Inverter Generator, 3000-watt

Note the wheel kit is not installed when you get the generator. 

My initial reaction to this generator was colored by the difficulty in installing the Wheel Kit.  At 130 pounds, I have no interest humping it around so I immediately installed the wheel kit.   Immediately being a major misnomer, primarily due to Polaris's neglecting to mention the bolts are all metric sized. m6x16 must mean metric but I didn't know that.   (so sue me, I don't know everything I should)   This lack of understanding initiated a humorous to someone else I'm sure but not so much to me, series of bleeding knuckles as I failed to find any way of successfully installing the wheels.   Google to the rescue, to find out m preceding a bolt does mean metric and the wheel kit was installed with no more bloody knuckles.  

Now in my defense the wheel kit started me off on the wrong foot or wrench as the case may be.  the quick start guide got buried under the three different socket sets that I had out on the table and I tried setting up the generator using the enclosed manual.   BTW a larger font would be greatly appreciated.   The manual is circumspect at best.   The instructions for opening the maintenance panel are many pages beyond where they tell you to open the panel.   After successfully getting the generator operating I found the quick start guide which was light years better than the manual. 
The oil filler pipe is tucked far enough back in the compartment that you may want to employ a small, strong child with great finger strength.  I was only able to get the dip stick out using two fingers as that is all I could fit into the tiny space.  Connecting the battery was interesting as I had to take it out to connect it, again due to lack of space for what I DO NOT consider freakishly large hands.   I state stoutly they are just normal size large hands and this generator was obviously built by and for someone with elf like fingers.  

By the time I finished this DYI package, I was frustrated with the product.   One call to Polaris led me to be connected to my closest dealer which was in Minnesota and I am in Pennsylvania.  I find that a bit disconcerting but the guy at the dealership in Minnesota was very friendly and helpful.  Once the tedious process was done, the generator started right up.   This is the first generator I have ever owned with an electric start and that was nice.  

To sum up, after all the hassle in getting the thing set  up, it started and it is dramatically quieter than my 7hp current generator.  I am concerned about run time, they only note a 6.25 hour run time on the 3.1 gallon tank.   That seems short.  I would recommend rewriting the manual, preferably by someone who uses a larger font and a more logical progression.   If you are persistent and if you already know that a preceding m on bolts means metric and you are looking for a very, very quiet generator, this may be your best choice.  It is not inexpensive though at $1,799.00 and that may be a deterrent stronger then the decibel level.
·                        Polaris Industries Inc. utilized over 60 years of technical expertise developing the POWER generator product line
·                        120 volt AC output Maximum 3000Watts (25 Amps)- Rated 2800Watts (23.3 Amps) + 12 volt DC output
·                        Fuel efficient gasoline powered 4stoke OHV Engine- 21+ hours of run time at 25% load
·                        Class leading 3 years Parts and Labor Warranty
·                        EPA and CARB Certified Emissions Compliance

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