Monday, January 26, 2015

Cuisinart DCC-750 Coffeemaker

The brand name led us to purchase this coffeemaker.  It was in the $50 range on sale and I see it is now only $31.95 on Amazon.   We have not been happy with this coffeemaker.  I am cognizant that appliances do not have cognition for do they harbor malice but this one might.   Each and every time we have had people over and used the coffeemaker it has overflowed.  Now it also overflows on the timer so we now only turn it on when we are ready to have coffee and we do not leave it unattended.   That is annoying not to be able to come down and have my coffee ready.  

The instructions have been followed, we are not using paper and permanent filter together which is apparently the primary reason given for overflows.   The caveat in the manual is that if your coffee is too fine of a ground you may have an overflow.   We have tried three different blends and brands of coffee and still have had overflows.   I would not be able recommend this coffeemaker even at the reduced price

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