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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rockwell RK2863K 20V Sonicrafter, 27-Piece

I was not familiar with this type of tool until we had some work done on our home.  I watched our contractor use this type of tool for so many different applications that I was stunned that I didn't have one let alone I was unfamiliar with it.  Then I visited a long time friend who ambitiously installed two dozen new windows and said he wouldn't have been so successful if he hadn't had this type of tool. With those two examples I purchased one for each of my grown sons as birthday gifts.   When the opportunity arose to review this Rockwell I jumped on it.

First impression was very positive.  It comes in a heavy nylon/canvas storage bag.  Upon opening the bag you discover there is a sturdy plastic box to hold the accessories.   Now being a bit OCD, I delight in organization of things.  I was very pleased to see someone at Rockwell also likes to keep things organized. 

I read the instructions and was a bit uncertain as to the extension of the flange to hold the various tools.  I, sadly, have broken things trying to make them do what I think they should do.  I called customer support and got a knowledgeable person who politely pointed out that I should be using the release handle from the 3 o'clock position rather than then 12 o'clock position.   Simple problem solved and perhaps a note in the documentation to positioning would be in order.   Regardless, I got a human being who seemed interested in my problem, was knowledgeable enough to solve the issue and who was very easy to understand.   Customer service that is good deserves to be lauded and this woman was very good.

The unit comes with a variety of tools and is accompanied by a diagram telling what utilization is assigned to each tool. I picked out a narrow saw blade, installed and tested it.   This tool allows precision work well beyond any other tool except for perhaps my Dremel which isn't really useful for anything but hobby type work.   The saw worked perfectly and I was able to precisely cut a 1/4" notch in a board with very little effort.   I really like the dual headlight LEDs that project onto the work surface.   I like being able to see what I am doing.  The tool is battery operated with a 20 volt lithium battery.  The portability is great and with a battery that strong, I expect I will have good usage.   The warranty is three years on the tool and there is a lifetime replacement warranty on the battery.   This is an impressive tool.  If I have any feelings to the contrary after further use, I will report back here. 

·                        Universal Fit System accepts other brand accessories
·                        Hyper lock Tool-Less Blade Change - 1TON clamping force prevents blade slippage
·                        Battery Technology for high capacity, no self-discharge, & no memory effect. FREE BATTERIES FOR LIFE
·                        LED Light for improved visibility
·                        Metal Gear Housing for extreme durability

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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