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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

VIZIO S2121w-D0 21-Inch 2.1 Sound Stand

This is a very nice product.  The form factor is less obtrusive than the standard sound bar.   The set up was very simple.   The TV recognized it and immediately worked.  Bluetooth pairing was seamless and also very easy.  The sound is surprisingly vibrant.   I was shocked at how good the bass was.  The remote is simple to use and the documentation was adequate.   Overall my impression is quite good at $266.00 it isn't the cheapest solution for the lousy sound most flat screen TVs have but it is a good one.

 Follow up, I wanted to program my universal remote with the code for the S2121w-D0. Imagine my surprise when I could find zero documentation on-line under any Vizio site I could find. The product comes with a quick start guide that works fine but...nothing advanced. So I called and got a delightful young woman who tried her best to help me but to her surprise she could find no documentation for this model either. I am aware it is a new product but that means it should be more important to have proper documentation available. I had to knock this down one star due to lack of documentation. The customer service rep, provided me with the codes for their other sound bars and I will try those and report back here on my results.

2nd follow up, I was unable to get the sound stand to respond to the Fios remote.  I tried multiple solutions to no avail.  I then had to reprogram the Fios remote for my Yamaha sound bar 
and that was a 5 minute task with the documentation that accompanied the Yamaha.  Vizio may be able to do it but with out documentation, you couldn't prove it by me.  If you can deal with the pain of having to turn up the volume and turn on the sound stand with it's own remote, the sound is quite nice but the inconvenience turns me off. 

·                        Enjoy up to 101 dB of room filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% harmonic distortion
·                        Integrated subwoofer adds rich, powerful bass with low frequency responses reaching as low as 60 Hz
·                        Conveniently stream your music wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
·                        Premium audio with Dolby Digital decoding, plus DTS Tru Volume, DTS Studio Sound and DTS Tru Surround audio post processing provide enhanced audio fidelity, consistent volume levels, and surround quality audio without the need for rear satellite speakers
·                        Compact form factor provides versatility to be placed under the TV as a stand, as a table top device for music, or in other places where a sound bar won't fit, such as custom built-ins or traditional media cabinets

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