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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eneloop Not Just Another Cereal, Oops Battery Revisited

Eneloop Not Just Another Cereal, Oops Battery

Grandchildren demand lots of batteries not just in their toys but in my cameras. I have two digital cameras that seem to suck the life out of whatever type of battery I install. I have myriad rechargeable batteries. Nicad and NiMh neither of which have been satisfying. I have tried brand name batteries and no name batteries. I have tried the expensive lithium disposable batteries but the disposable aspect offends me. Charge them up, pop them in the camera and they work just fine but they don’t hold a charge for any length of time. If I am lucky they still work 24 hours later but generally they need to be recharged on a daily basis.
I read about the Eneloop batteries and liked the idea but I have 16 AA NiMh that work, poorly but they work. Then my Lenmar SpeedCharger died. Luckily it died just within warranty, although Lenmar honored the warranty they did charge me $10.00 shipping and handling or 33% of replacing it.

The death of my SpeedCharger forced me to take a look at chargers and I found a deal at Amazon that offered a charger with the Eneloop batteries. I bit the proverbial bullet and ordered the deal. I like the fact that it includes those nifty little adapters allowing use of AA batteries in other devices. On receiving the Eneloop batteries I promptly put them in my cameras. They come precharged which is also a nice feature. Three days later they are still holding a charge. This beats the heck out of the traditional batteries I have used. Down side is that the charger takes 7 hour to recharge them. I still like the fact that I am not forced to change batteries every day on my cameras. Eneloop may not be the the ultimate solution but so far it beats the heck out of everything else I have used.

I blogged on Sanyo Eneloop batteries back on February 27, 2009 I have now had the batteries in two of my cameras for over 6 weeks. I pulled out one of the cameras last night and it fired up, flash worked and the shutter lag was diminished. I wasn’t really aware that the a big chunk of the dreaded shutter lag was based on the ability of the batteries to handle recharging the flash. I took 5 flash pictures almost as rapidly as I could depress the shutter. I am totally impressed with that. In addition the Lenmar, Sunpak and Energizer rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries don’t hold a charge in the camera for more than two or three days. I find that a bit odd in that they hold up fine in a little flashlight that my grandson wanders around with and leaves lit on a regular basis. Bottom line is if you are dismayed with your rechargeable batteries I strongly recommend the Enloop batteries.

Update June 21, 2014.   I am still a fan of the Eneloop battery.  After three years of  use, they still work fine.  I have never tried to charge them on anything but the Sanyo charger. Oddly enough the new four pack of batteries I got are still labeled Eneloop but now they are a Panasonic product.   I then Googled how that happen and found out that Panasonic had bought 50.2% of Sanyo in 2009 and the remaining stock in 2010.   They have been phasing out the Sanyo name ever since.   Anyway, the batteries seem to work the same even if their branding has changed.   If they don't I will be back here to update you.  

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