Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tenergy Batteries--Buyer Beware!

I strongly recommend not buying these batteries.   I had four of them in my Bluetooth keyboard.  I haven't used it for a couple of months and when it didn't work, I checked the batteries.   All four of the batteries had leaked in two different battery compartments.  One of the batteries is fused into the battery compartment.  I have attempted to reach the customer service line of the company.  They're a Pacific coast company and state their hours.  I have called during the hours they are supposedly open and get a recording telling me to leave a message.  I have tried emailing and got no response.  

The homily that all batteries are the same so buy the least expensive is WRONG.  All batteries are not the same and obviously all customer service is not the same.   These batteries leak and the total lack of customer support is appalling.    Save your money and your equipment and buy something else.    The few cents you save on the battery price will be off set by the price of the equipment the battery destroys!

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