Monday, August 18, 2014

FIOS Successfully Decreases TV Watching

FIOS's abysmal selection of on-demand movies and shows has allowed me to read one more book a week.   I went to their "FREE"  movie selection and discovered that there were very few actually FREE movies.  Most were tied to upgrading my service.   FIOS uses three months of premium service to encourage you to change from Comcast.   I can see why, without the premium service their selections are dreadful.   At the end of the three months "trial" premium services they offer you a deal at $24.95 to continue the premium service.   The claimed cost saving from switching from Comcast to FIOS are basically non-existent and adding $24.95 per month adds insult to injury.

FIOS is a huge disappointment.   It does not save me money and the viewing selection is far inferior to Comcast plus the additional fee for virus protection.  I never dreamed I would ever say, "I miss Comcast!" but I just did. 

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