Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Verizon wants me to verify my email address.  They send me an email and I respond with the link in their email.  It opens a screen that wants my zip code.  I give them my zip code and they tell me that isn't the zip code they have on file for me.  I got to my account information and I am putting in the same zip code that they have on file but they keep telling me that isn't my zip code.   I researched this online and found that people have been complaining about this for YEARS!  As much as Comcast drove me crazy, FIOS is driving me Crazier!  I tried to find a contact or chat to get a solution and got nothing but an automated attendant!  I finally found that Verizon has put technical support on Facebook and Twitter.  Now there is a decision to be proud of.  Keep in mind that a great many people who actually have FIOS don't use Facebook or Twitter.  After playing message tag with various supposed support staff, I figured out the solution.  Negative Kudos to FIOS for moving support and removing any phone numbers I could find on their site. 

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