Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ransomeware, A Vile Virus

Ransomware viruses are still proliferataing.   A very official pop-up that suggests that you have been (pick more than one):
1.downloading child porn
2.pirating software
3.violating copyright laws
4.indulging in inappropriate Internet activity
5.selling child porn
6.soliciting child porn
7. having inappropriate relations with animals
And ad nauseum
The more popular crapware says it is from the Department of Home Land Security or the Department of Defense or Immigration Authorities and if you don’t submit your “fine” of $300 (varies) within 48 hours, you will be arrested.  

I assured a panic stricken teen that this was a scam.  It still took two days to get the insidious virus that locked his system off of his computer.   I spoke to a Latino who was threatened with deportation if the “fine” was paid immediately.  

With the revelations of what the NSA has been doing, these fraudulent schemes become more believable.  Even if you Google a solution you have to be careful as some of the solutions assure you they can clean off your computer for only $25.00 down and $10.00 a month to keep it clean.  Probably is the company that wrote the virus in the first place.

My advice is to practice safe computing to avoid the situation in the first place.  Avoid places that harbor these miscreants.  Music and movie download sites are a hotbed of computer diseases.   Porn sites are rampantly infected.   Protect your self with a robust anti-virus package from a major company.  Many such as AVG and AVAST are free.  

Here is the link for the Microsoft page that will help you get your computer back when ransomware has hijacked it. Microsoft Malware Protection Center

Good luck and safe computing!

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