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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eye-Fi Mobi 16 GB SDHC Class 10 Wireless Memory Card

This is a pretty spiffy device.   You pop what appears to be a standard SD card into your camera and it will send the photos you take to whatever device you choose.  The devices seem to be limited to either a tablet or cell phone.  I went to the Eye-Fi site  and checked to see if both my digital cameras were supported.  They both are supported.  I then went to Google Play-Store and downloaded the Eye-Fi ap.   Install was simple,  I put it on a tablet and a smart phone.  I took test photos and they transferred automatically to the tablet and cel phone.  There does not appear to be an option to choose what photos you get as the camera does not seem to have any type of menu on that end.   The photos appear automatically.  This may not be a detriment.  Many consumers prefer magic as opposed to knowledge.  This certainly made the photos appear like magic on my devices.

Installation was easy.  I hope they upgrade the ap and allow some choices for selection and use.  It does not automatically delete the photos on the camera and I think that is a positive rather than a negative.  I prefer to manually delete files. 

My reaction is that this will be a handy little device. 

From the Manufacturer:
Eye-Fi Mobi 16GB SDHC Card The Quality of Your Digital Camera Meets the Power of Your Mobile Apps Thanks to best-in-class technology and built-in WiFi, Mobi delivers photos from your digital camera directly into your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or Android camera roll. Exceptional Class 10 performance captures HD video, low light and fast action shots, while built-in WiFi instantly transfers them to your favorite mobile device. It's as easy as saying "cheese!" Get Set Up in Seconds Put the Eye-Fi Mobi card in your camera.

Your Eye-Fi card is ready to use - just like any SDHC memory card. Install the Eye-Fi app on your mobile device

Download the free Eye-Fi app to your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. Launch the app and enter the code found on the back of the SD card case. Take your first photo
Watch the magic as your photo appears on your mobile device, in full resolution. Now your best photos & videos are instantly saved and ready to edit or share. How Does It Work? The Eye-Fi team built WiFi technology right into the Mobi card, giving you the power to wirelessly transfer photos from your digital camera directly into your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or Android camera roll. A simple activation code pairs your mobile devices to your Mobi SD card, ensuring a secure connection and safe transfer of your photos and videos. No need to remove the card from your camera. No need to be on a wireless network. Mobi creates its own wireless network to connect directly to your mobile device, anywhere your camera takes you. Share High Quality Shots Don't settle for less; share your best digital camera shots. All your photos & videos land in your device's photo roll, ready to use with your favorite apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Works with Your Camera Mobi works with your existing camera* just like regular SDHC cards. Shoot HD video and fast action shots thanks to Class 10 read and write speeds. Check Eye-Fi's website for compatibility. Eye-Fi Connected Eye-Fi cards are compatible with thousands of cameras, very likely including the one you already own. But, a variety of popular models from Canon, Nikon, Sony and other well-known brands have integrated additional Eye-Fi technology to improve your overall experience. Cameras with the Eye-Fi Connected logo signify an improved user experience and, in some cases, advanced features. Eye-Fi connected cameras can detect when an Eye-Fi card is being used and most of these cameras will stay powered on until the photo & video uploads are complete, have an on screen icon signaling transfer activity and provide the ability to enable or disable Eye-Fi card WiFi via the camera menu. Some camera models will even identify which photos & videos have already been uploaded with an on-screen icon.

System Requirements SDHC compatible camera WiFi enabled smartphone or tablet with either iOS or Android Technical Highlights Class 10 SDHC performance Built-in WiFi for photo & video transfer from camera to mobile device 16GB SDHC Memory (up to 8000 photos or 6 hours of video depending on camera model, file resolution and other factors)

WiFi transfer image support: jpeg WiFi transfer video support (under 2GB per file): .mpg, .mov, .flv, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, .mts, .m4v, .3gp Read/write support: all file types, including RAW Latest security standards (improved WPA2-PSK plus static WEP 64/128 and WPA-PSK) Frequently Asked Questions Can I use the camera I already own? Eye-Fi wireless SD cards are compatible with thousands of cameras from the most popular and well-known brands.

For specific compatibility information, visit Eye-Fi's website. Is Mobi really that easy to set up? Yes. On the back of the Mobi card case is a unique activation code. Simply install the Eye-Fi app on your compatible iPhone, iPad or Android device and enter the code when prompted. Do videos upload wirelessly too? Absolutely. WiFi transfer supports many types of video files (each under 2GB per file), including .mpg, .mov, .flv, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, .mts, .m4v, .3gp Is the WiFi upload secure? Once paired to your device, the wireless network that the Mobi card creates is encrypted with WPA2 security and a unique (to each SD card) password. As long as you don't share that password, the transfer is fully secure. Will Mobi upload content to my computer too? Mobi connects your camera directly to a smartphone or tablet. To transfer photos & videos wirelessly to a desktop, try the Eye-Fi Pro X2 wireless SD card.

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