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Friday, July 13, 2012

Go Low Tech to Save Money--A Guest Post

In a world that is fast paced and frantic, slowing down to save money may seem counterproductive. After all, aren’t you always trying to speed things up and do things more quickly and efficiently? But you may be making the mistake that many Americans do. We think that faster is always better when that is simply not true. Here are three ways to save money by slowing down:
1.      Hang dry – When you are doing the laundry, your first instinct is to use the ever convenient dryer. Just toss them in and forget about it, right? Wrong. If you want to save money on your electricity bill, then try hanging your clothes dry. This doesn’t mean you have to have a line going across your yard or even a yard. They have drying racks that you can purchase at the super store for just a few dollars. You can even make one if you want to. Best of all, drying clothes this way saves on your air conditioning bill in the summer. Those driers pump out a lot of heat. If you are worried about your clothes being scratchy or stiff, you can finish the drying in the machine for ten minutes. Voila, just as soft as normal. You can also use less soap, which reduces stiffness.
2.      Wash dishes by hand – The dishwasher is a big water and electricity waster. How many partial loads do you do every week? A lot, right? Why not wash your dishes by hand. If you do that a little at a time, every time you set down a dish, you will find that you actually end up doing less work. If you, like me, have to rinse the dishes before the dishwasher will even touch them, then it just takes a spot of soap and a few more seconds to get it done, dry and put away.
3.      Push mower –The thing I love about push mowers is that they will last forever if properly maintained. Think about it: with no real moving parts or a motor to oil, gas, and break down, what can really go wrong here? All you have to do is keep it rust-free and sharpened and you are good to go whenever. If you have to mow the lawn every weekend, that will add up to a lot of gas saved. Best of all, you are getting a great, relaxing workout when you mow instead of drudging behind a smog-spouting, roaring machine.
These are just a few example of how going back to the methods of the good old days can save you some money. They had some things figured out, and a lot of them are more affordable than and just as easy as what we rely on machines for today. 

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Roxanne Porter is a freelancer & a regular contributor for  nanny classifieds.  She helps in providing knowledge about nanny services & love writing on nanny related articles. She helps in giving a fair knowledge about nanny Jobs to the community. You can be in touch with her at “r.poter08ATgmail.com” .

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