Thursday, June 7, 2012

Breathe Clear Nasal Strips Not A Breathe Right Substitute

 My wife says I snore.  I’m not sure that she is correct but to maintain marital bliss, I use Breathe Right strips as she feels that decreases my noise level.   Frankly the whole concept that I snore is preposterous but nevertheless I use them and she claims they work.  

Considering what you get, I think the strips are grossly overpriced.  I purchased the Breathe Clear Nasal Strips to see if they worked equally as well.  They are considerably less expensive than Breathe Right Strips.  Breathe Clear advertises on their box that their product has no stiff plastic band across the nose which they claim provides more comfort.  Sadly the lack of the stiff plastic strip seemed to dramatically decrease their ability to open the nasal passages.   I didn’t notice any more air flow than with a bandaid. 

In addition, they make my nose itchy to the point that I have had to take it off.  I have used 8 out of 10 of the strips to try and give them a good test. 

The strip wasn’t hard to get off, in fact, when I got up it was adhered to my ear and cheek rather than my nose.   Sadly I had hoped for more success as I feel a little good competition would result in a better price on the Breathe Right Strips.  I don’t think it will be happening with this product. 

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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