Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Linksys E4200v2 Router, A Disappointment

Atheros wireless network adapter owners beware! You may have an Atheros adapter in your laptop and not even know it. If you do, return this router now since it appears that Linksys routers do not work with the Atheros wireless adapters. There is a work around but it takes the router to the slowest most mundane aspect of the router.

With that being said, after 4 hours of tech support, 97 minutes of my cell phone minutes and 4 chat sessions I was able to get the easy setup to work. At this point I am shell shocked and don’t even want to look at the router let alone test more features. I liked the USB port on the router for sharing storage and wanted to test it with a printer but frankly the 4 hours of my life that went into the basic setup was 3 ¾ hours more than I had hoped to spend.

So it may be a good router if you have some other wireless adapter but you sure don’t want this if you have an Atheros wireless adapter in whatever you are trying to connect. Unless of course you wanted it configured plain vanilla and have 4 hours and 97 cell phone minutes you want to burn.

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