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Monday, March 12, 2012

3 Products that Can Save You Some Money around the House--A Guest Post

There are numerous ways that you can save money around the house every day. Of course, things like energy bills and home maintenance can really rack up some expenses throughout the years. There are endless articles out there offering useful tips for saving money on your monthly household bills or on major home repairs. These tips and tricks can absolutely be extremely useful for any individual looking to save some money in the long term. However, there are also several smaller things that we can do around the house to help us save money on managing our household. Little things that often go unnoticed in our day to day lives can actually make a huge impact on our household budget. Try investing in these three products to help save money here and there around the house.

The Roku

This awesome little device is a wonderful way to streamline your entertainment choices in your home and potentially reduce you spending in that area for the future. I am in no way affiliated with the sale of the Roku, but I do think it's an amazing little tool and I've found that it has helped me significantly save money on my entertainment budget for the month. The Roku is a device that hooks up to your television and allows you to access your Netflix account, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, various other channel subscriptions, several free movies, shows, and music. The Roku is a much cheaper option for accessing all of these things in one place. I was able to cancel my cable plan and use Hulu and the other things the Roku offers to watch everything I like. This cut back on my monthly bills and made accessing various programs and accounts much simpler. While the Roku may not be the best option for everyone, for some it may be the perfect way to save some money on your entertainment spending.

Rechargeable Battery Charger

With so many things running on battery power around the house these days, many of us fail to recognize just how expensive all these batteries can be. With numerous remotes, game controllers, clocks, wireless mice, keyboards, and so much more, finding a way to save money one batteries can make a pretty significant different each month. If you find yourself going through batteries pretty regularly, you might want to look into purchasing rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. While the upfront cost of this may seem a bit pricy, the money you will save in the long run is significant. Furthermore, disposing of batteries is one of the more difficult processes. With batteries being dangerous for our environment, many people fail to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. Get a battery charger and special rechargeable batteries so that you always have functioning batteries around the house without having to constantly buy new ones.

Surge Protector

While many of us already use surge protectors for several of our important electrical devices, there are many ways that these surge protectors can save us money. Surge protectors are an essential preventative measure to take for your expensive electronics. Look into getting a surge protector that helps you save money on your electric bill. There are several brands of surge protector that not only protect against threatening power surges, but also recognize when devices are using power unnecessarily. The surge protector can recognize the electrical current being used and determine which devices need to be turned off at that time to save you some money on your electric bill. Buy smart. Get a surge protector for all of your electrical outlets so that you don't risk having to purchase new electronics in the event of a power surge.


Jemima Lopez is a freelance blogger and writer who writes for Zen College Life, the directory of higher education, distance learning, and online degrees. She welcomes your comments at her email: lopezjemima562 @ gmail.com.

Thank you for the guest post. Some good ideas and a different perspective than mine.

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