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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

House Party Money Saving Tips for Christmas and New Years (A Guest Post)

Planning ahead for the end of year parties is the key to saving money. Marquee hire and event hire companies are going to be busy. If you don’t have patios, pergolas or carports to use as your staging ground, you had better get on with booking now! Here are some more tips to saving money and party like a Rock star this year

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere or near the equator, now is the time to start partying! The warmer months are now. Here in Colombia, there is an excuse for a ‘fiesta’ everywhere. Australian’s love to drink beer, and party the day and night away this time of the year. If you are lucky enough to have access to patios or pergolas for a backyard party, now is your time to get cracking. If you are stuck in the Northern Hemisphere, you should still make plans for house parties. It is the silly season after all.

· What you need out the back. Out-door structures, carports and any other part of your home with some cover, make the best place to set up your bar and food serving stations. If you are in the cold, don’t let it stop you. Why not go with marquee hire? There are models that come with a central heater, and you will have the warmest party in town. If you are hiring, see if you can do a deal to keep that party tent for a week or more. It is a busy time for event hire companies everywhere, so now is the time to start organising! You can do both Christmas and New Year, and all the days in between.

· Brew your own. Not everyone is obsessed with beer, but let’s face it, there will be a lot of consumption in most places around the world. Have you thought about preparing your own special brews for that week of fun and silliness? Home brewing can save you a lot of money. Add fruity flavours to your brews so that everyone can drink what you create.

· Entertainment. Lots of people think they need to set up some expensive sound system to keep the guests entertained. There are plenty more ways you can do it. Have you thought about games and contests that will keep everyone occupied? Social games can get hilarious. Why not do something different to just playing music and letting everyone chatter away? Keep them active!

· Gift giving. Gift giving and sharing can get hectic. An excellent way to create more fun, and have something that will keep everyone very entertained is to make a lucky dip. Everyone should bring one present per person. This way, you will have enough gifts for everyone. Run your lucky dip and make it a focus of your entertainment. A microphone, and something of stage for focus, will help to set the stage for laughter. Everyone will be bartering and bargaining after all prizes are dished out anyway.

· Everything else. Cleaning up can be costly. It is worth looking at what you can buy in bulk, use to eat and drink, and ultimately, throw it away. There are plenty of eco-friendly serving options available on the market, and because this is the time of year they are all competing for your business, prices are as good as they will get. Don’t forget to shop online. That way, you can get it all delivered. The other way to use online shopping is to push the price down on your traditional retailer. Show them the price you can get online with your smartphone

Invite your neighbours so you won’t have trouble with the police. At least give them a warning, and don’t forget to walk around the street. It is not only the houses left and right of you.

This is a guest post by a company called Article Exchange. They write articles that have links within advertising their clients. I accept the articles as long as the links appear to be legitimate businesses. I am not endorsing the businesses or recommending them.

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