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Monday, August 1, 2011

Congressional Dead Wood

One can only hope that come election time we all remember that our elected officials thought far more about feathering their nest than they did the well being of our nation.  I suspect since this dismal compromise passed there will be a wealth of broken arms from all the politicians patting them selves on the back for either their support or their rejection of the compromise.

There will also be a great deal of criticism of the President who can only veto, not initiate bills.  Somehow the demagogues will see Satan incarnate and blame the President for whatever occurs.  

We live in a wonderful nation with a population that is renown throughout the world for digging deep in their personal pockets to aid any and all victims of a plethora of disasters.   Where we as a nation fail, is to hold accountable the scoundrels in government who disdain the common man and revel in their special governmental privileges.  These elected officials and their juvenile behavior have embarrassed our nation in front of the world. 

Somehow we must rein in the self serving slugs oozing through the halls of government and elect officials who will live within their means as they expect us to live within ours.  We need elected officials who have no special insurance, no life long pensions and no acceptance of lobbyist, their money or their disdain for the democratic process.   

I wish I had a clear and simple solution.   Sadly the historic context is frightening.   Whenever those who govern are primarily concerned for their own well being instead of their constituents, empires, governments and peoples fail.  

We can only hope that memory does not fail us when elections roll around and we can, regardless of party affiliation, vote ALL of the self centered scoundrels out. 

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