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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Terrific Solar Panel Deal But Not In Pennsylvania

Google recently provided a $280 million dollar grant to SolarCity to provide residential solar panels.   SolarCity can determine if your roof is properly situated and feasible for solar panels.    They will install the panels at no charge and the homeowner signs a lease for the panels.   The home owner pays the lease, the solar panels cut the homeowner’s electric bill by up to 60% (average) and we (nation) decrease our dependency on foreign energy sources.   

Wow, what a great idea, except in Pennsylvania where the utility companies have successfully prevented SolarCity from providing the zero down lease for installation.   Perhaps in other states there is also a strong enough utility lobby to prevent this too, I don’t know about other states but since I live in Pennsylvania I am a bit peeved.   

SolarCity can do the installation for $10,000.00 up front as a fully prepaid lease.   This is about one third of the cost but rebates, grants etc. make up the difference.  They do the paperwork, the homeowner just ponies up the $10k.    That is what they can offer in Pennsylvania.  

Now most of us aren’t keeping $10k under our bed or have that much walking around money. (Unless we are a sleazy politician)   So that is why I am peeved.   I live in a state that has allowed the “public” utility companies to extend our dependence on foreign oil and penalize the residential customer. 

In this economy and with the world turmoil surrounding energy independence, it is a darn shame that Pennsylvania is contributing to the problem and not helping to solve it.  

If this peeves you, call your state representative and tell them your concerns.   If you live in a more enlightened state I would recommend looking into SolarCity’s solar panels.   It could save you big buck$!

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