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Monday, June 20, 2011

Speidel Watch Bands

Ok, perhaps I am nitpicking again but why put a contact email on a website and then ignore contacts?

I emailed Etonic multiple times about their defective golf shoes and got no response.   This time the email to Speidel was to tell them that the watchband I purchased would not fit the watch.   Considering I bought the exact same watch band as last time in the exact same size for the exact same watch, I just assumed it would fit.   Wrong!

The pin was too large and I had to take the pin out of the old band to use with the new band.   I had to tear the leather on both of them to get the pins out.   No big deal and on a $9.99 item I wasn’t particularly bothered.   However having been in business for 35 years I know I would want to know if I was selling a defective product.   I emailed them the details with the appropriate stock numbers for their edification.   I didn’t expect anything but a thank you for your concern response would certainly affirm that they have customer interest in mind.

So I have added Speidel to the list of zero customer support companies which includes Augen and  Etonic.   Please take note when I find a company that does have good response, I blog about them too.  

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