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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seasonal Internet

I’m on vacation but as most Internet junkies I am loathe to be out of touch. I brought my laptop and as backup for the laptop, I brought my PDA which is wireless enabled. I purchased a Comcast approved modem and added seasonal Internet to my TV package. BTW I heard about the seasonal package by word of mouth, I still haven’t seen it on any Comcast site. It turns out in touristy areas like Florida; Comcast has a program that allows you to go month to month on Internet access.

The Comcast representative wanted me to have their tech come out to install my modem for $50.00. Since installation was putting a splitter on the cable and sending one cable to the TV and the other to my laptop, I felt I could handle it and I saved the $50.00 installation fee. Once the modem is attached, you call Comcast and provide them with the mac# that is on the modem and you are in business.

For $25.00 a month I get a slow but reliable connection to the Internet. Slow as compared to what I have at home but lightning fast compared to the 56k modem I once used. (For you youngsters, connection use to be over phone lines using telephone modems.) So instead of spending $4-$8/day on crapachinos at the local Starbucks just so I could get connected, I am spending less than a dollar a day to keep the dreaded, cold turkey effects of Internet withdrawal. Check where you vacation, they too, may have seasonal Internet.

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