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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inkjet Cartridges and Razor Blades

An earlier post mentioned my frustration with trying to make an old Okidata 10ex work with my Vista laptop. That was a dream that remained unfulfilled. Since I like being able to print out stuff, even on vacation, I went to Walmart and bought the Canon iP2600. The setup was a bit tedious but simple. It prints fast and the quality is exceptional. I printed out some photos yesterday on their sample photo paper and they were excellent. No matter how you cut it , this printer is an exceptional bargain. This printer cost $32.00 plus tax at Walmart.

I don’t do much printing when I am on vacation but I like having a printer. I look at the convenience and off set the $32 with running to a Kinkos to print out a boarding pass and I am ok with the expenditure. Now the sad part, when the printer runs out of ink, I will throw it out and buy what ever is at the same price point. Replacement inkjet cartridges are $36.00 plus shipping or tax depending on where I get them. Canon brand cartridges are a couple of bucks more. Hmm, I can toss the printer and buy a new one for $32 or spend $4.00 more and buy cartridges. Seems like a no brainer to me. I have the time to set up the new printer and considering how technology progresses, it will be better than this one. Printer companies have adopted the old cheap razor and expensive blade philosophy and they can’t seem to get beyond it. They often lose money on the printer planning on recouping it on the cartridges. If all of would just dump the printer and buy a new one every time a set of cartridges cost more than the printer, perhaps, just maybe perhaps, they would start to price ink reasonably.

I know, it is a fond but never to be fulfilled dream.

If your printer is popular enough then you will be able to save money on the cartridges. I changed over to generics on my home printer and save $12/cartridge and since my printer at home uses 7 cartridges, do the math. Generic cartridges save me big bucks. I have only had one in two years that failed out of the box. I get them at the supermedia store. There are ways to get around the high cost of printer ink but it isn’t always easy.

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