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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Health Care Travesty Prescription Plans

I know, the last three posts have not had a one word to say about money saving tips. Note the philosophic part in the Blog Banner.

Prescription plans are a rip off. I know that is hardly news to any of the majority of us who have disgustingly expensive health plans. My plan gives me three months of prescriptions for the price of two if I submit my script to the mail order branch of the insurance company. Sounds good but appearances are deceiving. Take a recent example, a generic drug that I submitted to my insurance through the mail order pharmacy provides me with 90 days supply for $40.00, not too bad, right? Well my local pharmacist, (not the one in the previous blog) tell me if she submits the script to my my insurance company they will only provide a 30 day supply at the price of $14.99. So locally it is $5.00 more than the supposedly big saving I am getting from mail order. But wait there’s more, a set of free steak knives… not really. It gets better, under her pharmacies generic drug plan, without using my insurance I can get a 90 day supply for $12.00. So the huge money I am paying for my prescription plan is giving me a negative savings of $28.00. Now I know that there is a profit being made at $12.00. Walmart, for example, is not known for it lack of a profit incentive.

What do we do? Our wonderful legislators spend so much time in bed with the insurance companies and pharmaceutical giants that it is a wonder that the D.C. vice squad has arrested them for pandering. AARP campaigns extensively for fair medical care. I am not finding blogging about the issue particularly cathartic. We must as responsible citizens badger our elected officials to get out of bed with the lobbyists and start paying attention to the people who elected them. He, it isn’t just old dudes such as myself that need prescriptions or medical care, you may too. Call your elected representative, email them, snail mail them, stop them on the street and tell them..WE MUST HAVE A FAIR AND EQUITABLE MEDICAL PLAN FOR ALL OUR CITIZENS.

I will try not to get on our economy or gas prices or other non tech related issues for the next couple of blogs. Honest!

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