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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DSL vs Cable, is there really any comparison?

This is my first venture into paid blogging so here we go. Best Buys.com is doing a series called “Fine Print Revealed” that shines the light of comparison shopping on different products, services and technology. A comprehensive list of those articles are found here: Best Buys Comparison Reviews

One of the comparisons they feature compares DSL and Cable. Having had both experiences in a business setting, I feel I can write about it with some credibility. DSL was the first high speed internet connection we had at my office. It worked, not well but it worked. Verizon was having a hard time with fiber and copper connections and we had a very confusing and time consuming situation to get DSL. Once we had DSL and worked out the kinks it worked just fine. Since we had 12 users, DSL worked better than dial up but with that many users we didn’t see the speed we had hoped to see.

We spent some time lobbying Comcast to put a cable modem into our office. The cost at the time with their dedicated internet server was prohibitive. We finally had a cable modem put into the office due to the fact that I had rental space on my second floor that could be used for home using tenants. We actually used the cable modem for the office and it was sweet. We ran DSL and Cable Modem simultaneously for several months and then we dropped the DSL.

Today, even though I am retired, I live on the web. If I didn’t have high speed internet, I’d go nutz (nutzer?). Believe it or not, I still have friends using dial up. So to you folks who haven’t made a decision and are still confused, I recommend going to the Best Buys comparison of high speed service.

This is my commercial plug and hopefully this doesn’t tarnish my image in your eyes for trying to make a buck. Of course that assumes I have an image, that you are reading this, that you are aware of my image and that you ever had any good feelings about it one way or another which is stretching the bounds of credibility beyond belief.

Btw I do use bestbuys.com to do comparison shopping.
Thanks for your time.

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ibdragon said...

Ok, I naively believed that CREAMaid was a viable blogging program that paid you and looked like you could write what you wanted without pressure. Surprise, they didn't pay and don't seem to be viable. However since I wrote the blog honestly, I don't need to pull it. Howver, it goes to show even old dogs get tricked.

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