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Words like, “sponsored,” “promotion,” “paid ad” or even just “ad” are clear ways to disclose that you’re being paid to share information and links so BE AWARE that some of what I write can be described as an AD by the government. BTW I will NEVER say a product is great, super or even acceptable if it isn't, whether I got it free or NOT!



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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blogging Ethics-Can you be paid and be ethical?

Interesting question with an assumption you have ethics which often isn’t clearly demonstrated in many of today’s businesses. I guess it depends on what you write about and how honest you are in writing. As a retired, fixed income kind of guy, I look for things that can bring in gadget or book money without a great deal of sweat on my part. Since I am a technut and booknut, writing about that is a no brainer. Now to get paid for it would be exciting but am I hungry enough to ignore my conscience? I can answer that by the fact that I have been offered industry related jobs by former competitors since I sold my business. As enticing as some of the offers were, I declined as I had signed a non-compete agreement with the guy who bought my computer business. Several times I have been told that those agreements are impossible to enforce. That may be the case but since I agreed not to compete and I shook hands on that agreement, I “ethically” can’t ignore the agreement, regardless of it’s enforceability. Since I could be making way more money doing what I did in my computer business, if I was willing to ignore my ethics, than what I can make blogging about stuff, I feel pretty darn comfortable stating that I will write what I feel and see and not pander to the situation to increase my income. I will make sure that I mention the possibility of payment may result from the blog. Since I haven’t done this yet, I say possibility of payment since who knows if they really do pay you. I’ll let you know.

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