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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Any OS out there?

This is more of a request than a blog. I mentioned in an earlier blog that I refurbish used computers for donation purposes. I need OS for those computers. If you have any unused Win98 or newer operating systems that you are not using, would you like to donate them to a good cause? Legitimate only please. CD and activation code is needed.
Why you may ask?

I get computers from former clients and often combine the working resources from several boxes to make one box that can handle normal day to day activities. The computers have generally had their hard drives wiped which is a good thing to protect their former owner’s data. The wiping of the drive removes the operating system too. This presents some difficulties. The computers are basically just door stops without an operating system. I can put on free applications but outside of Linux there is no free OS. Since most of the recipients of the computers are not terribly computers literate I am reluctant to use Linux. Therefore if you have any Windows products that have been pulled from service with a legitimate OS I cold use them for a good purpose. I am not willing to pirate any software as I have a strong respect for the Microsoft Storm Troopers and a basically ethical personality.

Where are these computers going? The computers usually go to some incarnation of a non-profit organization. Last week the Children’s Cultural Center got three systems. In December I arranged a donation of an unused color laser and a monitor to Child Home and Community. I was able to faciliate a large number of used computers from a corporation to VITA, a nonprofit that deals with illiteracy. These are local non-profits. The computers may go to individuals. One went to a waitress who was going to start college and didn’t have the funds for a computer. The local chamber of commerce has a Women in Business committee that provides a scholarship for a deserving woman. They have gotten a computer in the past and I have offered to see that they get them in the future.

Not only does this keep a lot of equipment out of the landfills, it provides a step up for some of the many folks who can use some help. The recent economic downturn (recession) means there are more people out there just scraping along. If you can help please do so.

I am non-profit, not a non-profit. I am not incorporated nor am I any type of a charity. I can provide no receipt for income tax purposes. I am a retired computer guy doing what I can to help my community. If you need verification that this isn’t some kind of scam, I can provide the names and email addresses of some of the non-profits that have benefitted. If you are local to Doylestown, PA and have equipment that you don’t use or need, let me know. I really only want P3 or better since anything older is too much trouble to refurbish.

Not exactly a money saving tech tip but it might get some unused stuff out of your way and into the hands of someone who can actually use it.

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