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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Uniify Verge Lite VR Headset

Uniify Verge Lite VR Headset UV005: 3D Virtual Reality Headset Glasses for iPhone 6/Plus, Galaxy S7, Note 6 Compatible with Google Cardboard and Daydream, Blue

If this is representative of VR I am disappointed.  However I do recognize that this was $14.88 when I purchased it compared to $70ish for a Samsung Gear VR rig so there is a pretty big price spread.   Now that it is $10.88 it is really cheap but... you do get what you pay for.  When I opened it's box one of the lens was rolling around inside.  I put it in the headset but that may be why things don't focus very well.  I downloaded lots of VR aps from the Google playstore and some of them were ok.  Most were like looking through an old ViewMaster if you are old enough to remember what that is.  Kind of 3D ish but no real great.   The still photos of places where you can look up at say the Eiffel Tower and then look around you in a 360 degree manner were the coolest thing but again, not really clear or in focus. I had hoped for a walking type tour through some place cool but I didn't fine one.  I wasn't interested in games so maybe there are good.

It was interesting the way you could focus a spot on a target to change scenes.  I did hook up a Bluetooth mouse to my Samsung S4 and it worked in some of the programs.   The S4 seemed fine.  My S7 seemed a little big for the unit.  

 You can wear glasses but it is very snug with glasses and was quite uncomfortable with my glasses on.  I did not find more clarity with or without glasses. For the money  this is adequate.  I didn't want to spend $75 to see what VR was all about but if this is all there is to it, I'm not impressed.

From the vendor:
Offer the best pixel per inch compare to other vr headset on the market
Optimize for movies and videos viewing, light weight, ergonomics design
Ipd adjustment 55-65mm, user able to wear glasses while using our virtual reality headset
Support 4, 7-6 inch smart phones: Iphone 6/6 plus, galaxy s6/s5 edge above and most smartphone
Include customize google cardboard vr qr code for viewing optimizations
$10.88 & FREE shipping at Amazon

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