Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stanley 32304 Auto LED Night Light, White, 4-Pack

I don't hate the dark, I just hate stumbling around in it.  These are LED which means you can use them with out feeling guilty over power usage.   They also have a built in light sensor which turns them off when the sun rises or you turn on another light source.  They seem sturdy and the light is enough to illuminate for safety without blazing or glaring.  The price is certainly good too, under $10.00 at Amazon.

I wrote this review in July when I got the lights.  Since then one died after 3 months of use. It was on a surge suppressor and nothing else is damaged on the same strip so I have to assume a defective light. One out of four is a 25% failure rate which seems rather high so I had to question the quality. 

  • Built-in light sensor turns nightlight on and off automatically
  • Built-in LED bulb
  • Polarized 2-Blade Plug

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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