Friday, November 11, 2016

Logmeonce: A Tedious Flawed Solution

Once again proving "you get what you pay for", this product failed miserably in ease of use. 

Logmeonce seemed like a good solution for the necessary password protection problem.  Seems and does are two different things.  The software initially seemed to provide the necessary protection and robust ability ratings of my passwords.  Then  about a week ago, I tried to log in and it said I had an incorrect login.   I had changed nothing but I shrugged and created a new password.   Problem solved!  WRONG!!  On the successive following days, each morning I was told the login password was incorrect and I had to create a new password.  Today was the last day I put up with their software malfunction.   I was going to go to support but there is none.  I was going to go to their community forum and it "is coming soon."   How this software ever became a tech magazine choice is beyond comprehension.   Oh to punish you for leaving,  you have to manually export your changed passwords as the software has no discoverable export of passwords function. 

Day after this post I tried to get this frustrating software off of my phone and found I couldn't uninstall it.  To get it off, here is a LINK to a Tech Republic post that will walk you through removal. I still find it inexplicable how this software with such poor support ever got good ratings. 

Despite the positive sharing aspect of the cloud storage this software failed a reasonable usage test. 

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