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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Golf Buddy Ladies LD2 GPS Watch

This is an attractive golf GPS.  My wife's initial reaction was it was "pretty".   I charged it as the directions recommended.  The directions suggested registering the product and then installing the "management" software.   There is no obvious spot on their website for product registration.  See menu below that I clipped from their site.  I went to the LD2 page and then found the "management" software page.  I downloaded the software which took substantially more time than it should have taken.   I ran an Internet speed test to see if there was a problem on my end.   All my parameters were fine so I have to assume that the problem was on their end.  It took approximately 10 minutes to download the software.  That is ludicrous but that is what it took.   

 I then tried to install the "management" software.   It requested that I register.  I tried registering.  I filled out their form and inputted a password.  Their software didn't like my password.  It didn't seem to matter what I put in the password box, it would not accept it and yes I followed their admonishment as to what was an acceptable password.  I tried to bypass that feature and use the can't find my password query on login.  It told me my information was incorrect.   After several minutes of trying to solve the issues, I uninstalled their software.   After owning and operating a computer business for 25 years I am reasonably competent on a computer.  Frankly if I had issues, I suspect the average user will have issue.  

I have not tested the unit on the golf course yet.  I will post my results (not my miserable score) after I have played my next round.  I can only hope the product will work better than the website, forms and software.  Even if it performs beautifully on the course I am still disappointed on the poor results from their website and download.


I have now had the Golf Buddy on the course.  I am not impressed. I turned it on 20 minutes before I teed off.  It was not able to find the course.  The instructions says that when it found a satellite that it would automatically set the time and date, it never did set the time and date.    It took three holes before it finally registered the course and the correct hole.  Once it found the course the ranges shown on the screen were within a yard or two of the Garmin and Bushnell that were in the foursome.   So once it started working it was ok.  It did not advance to the correct hole at one point but the tee box of the hole was very close to the other fairway so that was understandable.  It was easy to advance the hole.   After the round, I turned it off and had lunch.  I then went out, turned the unit back on and stood on the first tee and then the 18th green to see if it would find the course.  It showed the satellite with the rays coming down graphic but after 15 minutes it still hadn't found the course.  The display was surprisingly easy to read, even in direct sunlight but overall this was a disappointing product.  It is not intuitive, it has poor documentation and the inability to find the course in a timely manner precludes it's usability.   Frankly most golfers want something you turn on and then forget unless you are checking ranges.   None of us want to be playing technician on the golf course.  

 Color: White

·                        Small, lightweight, stylish, & comfortable
·                        With Swarovski crystals in light sapphire
·                        Premium mineral Crystal lens
·                        Waterproof up to 10 meters
·                        Distances to hazards

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