Friday, November 20, 2015

Folkmanis Harbor Seal Hand Puppet

This is really a cute seal.  It seems well made and has a very appealing, gentle expression.   I am not sure how you control the front flippers as I saw no means of doing that.  The mouth is traditional hand puppet controlled.  I have a large adult hand and my fingers were no where near the flippers.  There are minimal insets or pockets at the flippers either so don't anticipate using the flippers regardless of the sales description.  If your hand is low enough to put fingers in the minimal flipper pockets, there is no way it will be long enough to operate the mouth.  I like it regardless of the flipper control but more as a stuffed animal for the grandkids than a truly functional hand puppet.

·                        Made using the highest quality materials
·                        Award winning design
·                        Great fun for toddlers and children
·                        Easily animate the antics of this engaging Harbor Seal plush hand puppet
·                        Ideal for stage and puppet theater, storytelling, teaching, daycare, pre-school, pretend play, role-playing, presentations, games, parties and gifts
·                        Your hand controls the mouth, expressions and front flippers of this interactive aquatic mammal puppet
·                        Constructed from high-quality materials with exceptionally realistic details; easy to care for years of play
·                        Comfortably slips over the hand; measures 19 x 7 x 8 inches (LxWxH)

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