Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Microsoft Windows 10 Repair Disk Surprise, ONLY USE a CD

My feelings on OS upgrades!

After installing Win10, I did a system image and then tried to do a repair disk.  Note making a system image is not as self evident in 10 as it was in early versions but there are some good videos on Youtube that detail where to find the commands.   There did not appear to be any documentation stating that when using a disc you have to use a CD, you can not use a DVD.   I tried to create a repair disc with multiple types of DVD's to no avail.  I got an error message telling me the disc was not empty.  I formatted the DVD's multiple times, checked to see they were empty and still they did not work.  On a complete flyer, I put a CD in and the repair disc worked just fine.  I did not try a USB drive but this is just a heads up for the rest of us who happened to have DVD's handy and had to look for a CD.  Now all I have to do is find out why my Windows 7 machine continues to lock up when trying to update it.  (Yes it is a totally legitimate copy of 7) Don't you just love upgrades!
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