Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GolfBuddy BB5 Golf GPS LED Band, Black/Silver

This is a nice multifunction tool.  It gives you front, back and center of the green. It also allows you to dispel the myth that golf has no exercise.  The pedometer feature allows you to see how many times you waded into the rough.  Seriously it does measure your footsteps and lets you see how much walking you actually did.   It is sleek and good looking.   The down side is that it is hard to read.  The display is bright enough to see in the sunlight and that is a very good feature as some of the golf gps units are practically invisible in the bright sun.   The down side is that the display is coarse.  I don't know the size limits on LEDs but they are too big so there is a lot of space between the lights.  That makes is somewhat difficult to read, not impossible but not easy to read.  The brightness factor may balance off the difficulty reading, seeing it in the bright sunlight even if you have trouble reading it is better than the invisibility many of it's competitor have in similar conditions.  At $205 at the time of review, I suspect that despite the good looks and brightness, it would be smart to price the Garmin golf gps as it is easier to read as long as you have some shade for your arm. 
·                        Innovative and fashionable golf GPS band with interchangeable wristbands
·                        Distances to front/center/back of the green on an LED display provided to improve your golf game
·                        Shot distance measurement to see how far you hit your shot
·                        Pedometer feature included to show how many steps you took
·                        Auto course/hole recognition so you're ready to go as soon as you get the tee

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