Thursday, June 4, 2015

T.S. Shure Wooden Magnetic World Map Puzzle

This map is very nice quality.  The workmanship is superior.  My only beef is that the magnetic aspect is a bit wimpy.   The map is mounted on a nice board with cord that allows it to be hung.   The pieces "hang" in there but it doesn't take too much bumping to knock them off the map.   Five year olds do a lot of bumping.  That is the only negative I found.   The world is illustrated with lots of colorful graphics and folkish things like the nesting dolls over Russia.   There are areas that can be a touch confusing but input from an adult should take care of that.   The English Channel is part of a piece and it might be a touch confusing about the separation from the continent.   Indonesia will need to be clarified as to the water between places.   Overall, I think this will be a terrific learning and teaching tool.   The only reason it is four star instead of five is the weak magnets which considering some of the liability issues lately with toys that incorporate magnets, was probably intentional.  

From the Vendor:
  • Explore all regions of the World with this beautifully illustrated and educational Wooden Magnetic Map - every element is hand drawn and illustrated.
  • Expansive map set includes 111 beautifully illustrated wooden continent magnets, an illustrated wooden map board, and a convenient wall display cord.
  • Each map has pictorial illustrations of the world?s landmarks, major cities, terrain, bodies of water, architectural & cultural details and more!
  • Each map is a beautiful piece of art that can be viewed, interacted with on display or placed on a table or the floor for group fun and discussion.
  • Each wooden magnetic map with wooden magnetic map also has a wall display cord, making it easy to display and interact with in a classroom or at home.
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