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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Perky-Pet 349 K-Feeder Window Wild Bird Feeder

I'm not a birder!  At least I don't think I am, but I do enjoy watching the birds at my feeder.   This little feeder adheres to a window.  I put it at a window that hopefully will allow me to see the birds close up and personal.   The feeder assembled easily.  It has accessories that make it either a sunflower seed dispenser or thistle dispenser.   It sticks to the window with suction cups.  Frankly I was somewhat amazed that it actually stuck.  My experience with suction cups has been less than stellar.   However we have had some surprisingly wide temperature variations, a down pour, a thunderstorm and wind and it is still sticking to the window.  That's all the good news.  The bad is that so far the birds have shown no interest in the feeder.  Hopefully that will change.  
Later: I moved this to about six feet from the stand alone feeder.  I have yet to see a bird on it after six weeks.  

From the vendor:
Mother Nature offers a wonderful way to relax and be present in the moment. From the melodic sounds of songbirds to spectacular close-up sightings of a variety of wild birds, this window-mounted K-Feeders bird feeder by Perky-Pet brings the fascinating display right to your window.

Attract everything from chickadees, finches, goldfinches, grosbeaks, juncos, and kinglets to nuthatches, redpolls, siskins, sparrows, titmice, woodpeckers, and wrens.

Pick Your Favorite Place
Choose a window where you'll enjoy watching the birds flock to your feeder the most, whether it's a window in the kitchen or one in the living room that you can gaze out while relaxing in a recliner. From identifying the different types of birds to simply watch them perch and feast, the K-Feeders window bird feeder offers bird lovers of all ages a wonderful way to watch wild birds.

.75 lb. seed capacity and 2 feeding stations
Dispenses either sunflower/mixed seed or thistle seed
Suction cups stick directly to window for strong hold
Durable polycarbonate components
Slide-out seed barrel for easy filling and cleaning
Designed and constructed to last a lifetime

2 Dispensing Options
Depending on the type of birds you want to attract, assemble your feeder to dispense either sunflower seed or thistle seed. You'll use the sunflower ports when dispensing sunflower seed, including safflower seed, sunflower hearts, and black oil sunflower seed, and the thistle ports with the wooden perch when dispensing thistle. Simple step-by-step instructions are included for both dispensing options.

Simple Window-Mounted Set Up
After cleaning the window thoroughly, attach the mounting roof to the window using the built-in suction cups. Then fill the seed barrel with up to 0.75 pounds of seed and slide it onto the tracks on the lower side of the roof. For convenience, the seed barrel can be easily removed to fill or clean while the roof remains mounted to the window.

A feeding port and perch on either side of the feeder means double the action when it comes to birds feeding right on the other side of your window.

Durably Built for Life-Long Use
Constructed with durable polycarbonate components, the K-Feeders bird feeder resists squirrel damage, corrosion, and breakage. In addition, the feeder's strong suction cups ensure a secure hold, while its transparent seed barrel makes it simple to monitor seed levels at a glance. Perky-Pet recommends cleaning the feeder every two weeks to ensure the birds are receiving the freshest seed supply.

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