Tuesday, November 26, 2013

KRUD KUTTER CR32/6 Carpet Cleaner/Stain Remover, 32-Ounce by Krud Kutter

Rug 1
Price:   $12.83  at Amazon
This was a more involved review than some.  I had no carpet spots so  I created some.   I got to carpet scraps of different types and stained them.  One carpet type is similar to a Berber  and has lots of deep kind of holes.  The other type was a smoother, sheared type.   I took blackberry jelly and smeared it on both scraps.   I gave it 30 minutes to set and then I sprayed each carpet scrap.   See rug 1

Rug 2
The stain on the smoother carpet was practically eradicated on the first spraying.  I followed the instructions to not soak but to spray thoroughly.   I then rubbed it and patted it with a scrap of terry cloth and then  wiped it with  a damp terry cloth.   The Berber carpet did not fare as well on the first spray.   See Rug 2

Rug Final
I used the spray again  and on the smooth carpet the stain is gone.   The only problem is that it was a pretty soiled scrap and there is now a lighter, dirt free area where the stain used to be.   The Berber carpet came out very well on the second spray.  See Rug 3 and Rug Final for close up.
Rug 4

On the heavily soiled smoother carpet, there was a long time (years) spot of indeterminate source.  I sprayed it and it came out beautifully.  See spot at top, middle of mauve rug on Rug 1 and missing spot on Rug 4.   

Overall this spray seems to work better than any other spot cleaner I have used.   I, admittedly, never rubbed blackberry jelly into a carpet before so I am quite impressed with the results.  

Details from Vendor:
Penetrates deep into the carpet fibers
Works on dirt, grease, odors and stains
Leaves no sticky residue
Safe for all carpet types, including nylon and other synthetic carpets, as well as stain resistant carpets
Special polymers repel dirt and stains so next time its easier to clean

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