Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nix On SuperMediaStore Compatible Replacement for the Samsung© MLT-D101S Toner Cartridge

 SuperMediaStore Compatible Replacement for the Samsung© MLT-D101S Toner Cartridges (MLTD101S) - Black, 1500 Yield Product #: TO 005 5137

 Summary: Good Price but BAD Quality
Cartridge fit the laser and the output was fine.  However one day the printer was making a sound akin to the old baseball card in the bicycle spoke sound.  A very ugly grating sound was coming from my normally quiet .  I thought I might have a paper jam.  I opened the printer and could not find any issues.  Every time I closed the printer it would cycle and the grating noise started again and then would stop.  Print something and the noise would start.  I removed the toner cartridge and put in the original, depleted Samsung cartridge and got no grating noise.  Put the compatible replacement back in the printer and Viola, grating noise again.   The stated defective policy is a return within 30 days.  Since I left the state for 3 months 10 days after I installed the cartridge and came home 90 days later, it was nearly 120 days before I had an issue.   Therefore I am stuck with recycling the $40.00 paperweight; to Staples for the whopping $2.00 recycle credit.  This was a dismaying experience at best.  Needless to say I will not be purchasing another "compatible" replacement for my Samsung laser.  

If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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