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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mr. Heater Hero Forced Air Propane Heater 30,000-60,000 BTU/Hr. MH60CLP

I probably shouldn’t write reviews right after unsuccessfully testing a product.   Feeling is starting to come back to my fingers but it is slow.   I read manuals.  I read them multiple times with products I am unfamiliar with as opposed to computer related stuff where I have a high comfort factor.  Propane is flammable and not so good to breathe so I read this manual several times through before connecting anything.

The connections were straight forward.  The admonishment to fully charge the battery was quite clear as well.   It looked pretty clear cut.   I charged the battery.  I connected the gas line to the tank and to the heater.   I turned on the fan which again you are cautioned to do, I did like all the cautions.   I let the fan run a bit and then I “slowly, this is another admonishment, pushed the orange starter button down.   The heater ignited, I got startled and the heater went out.   I tried again and this time was prepared for the sudden noise.   I let go of the ignition button and the heater went off.   After several attempts with no ignition, I recalled that there was an interlock and if you hadn’t gotten it started, turn it off, turn the fan off and redo the starting process.  

I did this multiple times to no avail.  As soon as I let up the ignition button the heater stopped.   I did read that you should hold the ignition button from 30 to 60 seconds after the heater ignites.   I brought out a clock to make sure that I was actually waiting the appropriate length of time.  Due to the garage door being open, the garage was very chilly and I thought that maybe I was rushing my 1001, 1002 etc count of seconds.   I timed the length of time I was holding the ignition button and 30,60 and 90 seconds made no difference.  As soon as I took my finger off the button the heater stopped.  

I reread the manual and could not discover anything I was doing that was not part of the appropriate start up procedure.   At this point I had little feeling left in my toes and hands and decided that I had tested this product as far as I was physically able to stand it.  

I can’t imagine that the coldness of my propane or garage had an impact as this is a heater.  It is supposed to be used in cold conditions.   The manual does not recommend use below zero degrees but my garage was no colder than 31 degrees according to my thermometer.  

On a plus note, if you get one that runs, it is substantially quieter than the ones I dealt with back in my construction job days.   The noise when it ignites was similar but a lot less loud than I remember.   The unit seems nicely constructed.   The manual is detailed as to how to do your start up.  The size is great compared to the old ones I remember.   If I could have got it to stay running I probably would have loved it and gone 5 stars.  Since I (and admittedly I could have screwed something up) could not get it to continue running after thoroughly reading the manual, I can’t recommend it. 


If reviewing a product, it may have been received free of charge. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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