Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Are Positive Safety Enhancements Restricted In Reasonably Priced Cars?

Adaptive cruise control allows a driver to set a speed just like an ordinary cruise control.   The difference is that if traffic slows, adaptive cruise control will slow your vehicle as well.  If traffic slows dramatically, adaptive cruise will alert you to take action.   How many lives would be saved if that technology was required on ALL cars?  
Gorgeous, but tough Luck If I Don't Want a  Hemi!

BLIS or Blind Spot Information System lets you know with a visible or audible alert when there is something in your blind spot.   Wow, no more pulling out to pass and side swiping the motorcycle that came up behind you and was hidden in your blind spot.

Cross traffic alert is when your backing up and you have a behemoth on either side of you and all you can see are hub caps.   It alerts you to traffic not just directly behind you but traffic coming from either direction.

All of this is available right now but unless you are willing to buy a luxury model, most likely you won’t be able to get it.   The Dodge Charger has all of that available but unless you are willing to get the Charger with a Hemi, you can’t get it all.   What if you don’t want the Hemi, you like the looks but really don’t need a gazillion horses?  Tough luck, you can’t get all the bells and whistles without taking the requisite Hemi.  

I am aware of the profit motivation.   Auto dealers need to make a living BUT it shouldn’t be to the detriment of the driving public.   Every model car should have the option of adding whatever safety devices are available.  Sure they may be expensive options but that should be the buyer’s choice, not the dealers.  

I looked for adaptive cruise and many cars including the ones that were on the lots of dealers.   The dealers have decided that buyers would rather have a sunroof than adaptive cruise.  Often the price is approximately the same so Dealers have decided that the buyer would prefer to have an option that may never be used instead of an option that could save their life.  

If auto dealers were willing to provide what buyers actually want instead of assuming that buyers are too stupid to decide what options they want, I suspect that people would be willing to buy new cars more often.   If you have a 5 year old car and are unable to do anything but improve cosmetics, why buy a new one.   But if you could increase the level of safety for your family, I feel you would be much more inclined to trade up to more safety.  I believe the buying public is much smarter than auto dealers realize.  Perhaps if we all demanded change, maybe, just maybe you could buy the car you want instead of the one they have in stock.   

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