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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gasoline Price Hoax 2011

Once again we find the economy held hostage by the oil companies.   Their obscene profits (trust me having been in business, it is very difficult to use obscene and profits together) are choking the economic recovery.  Our future depends on developing alternate energy sources.   Leaving our economic future in the hands of big oil is like giving your kid’s college fund to Bernie Madoff.  

The poor babies say they have no control over the price, the speculators say they are just protecting their investments, the oil nations say they can’t meet the demand, either it is the perfect storm or an enormous snow job. 

My bet is an enormous snow job.   I have no solution but my plea to anyone who will listen is to support alternative energy plans with fervor and passion.  Until we get big oil off of our backs they will continue to milk the cow until it is dead.

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